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  • Don't miss our Creative Lab!! We repeat todays succes tomorrow at 10, and again...
    March 30th via Facebook
  • Now we are ready at Light & Building. If you are here too come and say hello at...
    March 30th via Facebook
  • Just compleated a presentation about how my book Light & Communication came abou...
    March 25th via Facebook
  • In the airport (once more) on my way to Stockholm for a days work at the office...
    March 25th via Facebook
  • Do you feel like looking over my shoulder to see what was going on at the latest...
    March 11th via Facebook

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February  2016

Featured course

  • Life Cycle Cost LCC

    This is a tutorial to Fagerhults Life Cycle Cost calculation programme, where you can calculate the pay-off on a new lighting installation compared to an old one. Please be patient - it takes a while to load Read more


Light means energy, safety and wellbeing for people. Light also needs energy. That's why the idea of creating a centre for knowledge about light, the Fagerhult Lighting Academy, just came naturally to us.

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